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International projects

Let me introduce myself. My name is Anna Voskres

and I am a successful presenter, the author of contests and quizzes and work only with positive emotions. I am confident and strict, but a democratic boss, extremely energetic and fearless.

Multiply joy, subtract boredom, add good mood and divide everything among the guests. This is how my motto sounds.

I will make your wedding inimitable, your corporate party – incredible, your prom – incomparable, your performance – out of the ordinary and any other event – unforgettable!

I work with an open heart and, besides, in three languages: English, Russian and Ukrainian and most of all I’d love International fests. They are vivid, crazy, positive and too energetic. You have to combine different cultures and traditions, speak both English and Ukrainian or sometimes even translate guest’s speech to make the celebration BRILLIANT.

Every minute and even every second we make a choice…

  • Which shoes should I wear?
  • What do I eat for breakfast?
  • Who do I sit next to?
  • Which book do I read?

And WHO will be responsible for our International Project?

Listen to your heart and may your choice won’t let you down
Let only professionals develop, organize and keep your International Fest from getting out of hand.



My main aim always was to support people. I’d love when a smile appears on Friend’s faces, I really appreciate a good job, I like organizing concerts, different performances and bright shows and involve guests, but most of all I’d love RESULT and always believe in it.


  • Corporate parties. Corporate parties are an integral part of modern life. Every day such events are becoming more and more popular. I will help you to know and understand you colleagues better.
  • New Year. Celebrating New Year not only in the family circle but also with the colleagues is becoming a good tradition. Father Frost and Snow Maiden won’t surprise anyone today. I suggest unique formats of celebrating the New Year holiday: from a Ukrainian New Year to the New Year eve with congratulations in more than 3 languages.
  • Team building. Every smart boss knows what team building is. And I know how to organize that. It will not only bring you joy but also make your stuff more team-oriented.
  • Weddings. The day of wedding is the day every couple is looking forward to. But for this day to leave only pleasant memories one should prepare for it in advance, carefully, with whole responsibility and certainly together with me. Wedding ceremonies. If you do not want a civil ceremony where an old lady has been repeating the same text for hundred years – that means you are a modern person. Wedding ceremony is the latest wedding tendency. I will make it unforgettable for you!
  • Birthdays. Some of us are looking forward to this day waiting for classmates to come and bring dozens of presents; the others do not like it at all. I know how to interest both.
  • Anniversaries. Anniversary is not just a date. These are the achievements of the whole life. I will prepare a unique script for your event. We can also use photo and video materials. We suggest not only quizzes and contests but also vocal and dancing numbers.
  • Children’s parties. You could say that nowadays children are even more exacting than their parents. Don’t worry; I know how to satisfy even the most exigent little clients.
  • Concert activity. I have been successfully working on the stage for more than 15 years. Contests, flash mobs, grand ceremonies and any other kinds of concerts.


I do not expect the atmosphere of the holiday, I create it myself

Your event presenter — Anna Voskres

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